Friday, May 9, 2014

Great safari enjoyed in a quiet season

I have just finished a safari that turned out to be one great, in what is traditionally considered as ''Quiet season'' The safari took me and my guests, an Australian family to Amboseli and Masai Mara. The guests are professional photographers, now working on writing a photographic book ''Africa on Safari'' which should be out late next year. This will be done with a collection of photographs taken on trips to different parks in Africa (East & South)
Our main purpose while staying in Amboseli (Tortilis camp), was to photograph elephants against mount Kilimanjaro, or as they walk across the dry lake, taking low angle shots as well as panoramic. We were lucky to have a clear view of the mountain every day we were there.
In Masai Mara, were fortunate in that the expected long rains did not come while we were there. We had great sightings of all the cats and had great photographic opportunities. There were times were spent 5 hours with lions or leopard. The safari ended up being one great trip. The trip highlights were; Jackals hunting a Thomson gazelle, great view of mount Kilimanjaro, big herds of Elephant, lions every day in the Mara, witnessing a take-over by two new males at Double-crossing pride where they killed two cubs (normal with male lions in such take-over). we were also in the Mara over the full moon period and we had wanted to photograph a moon rise with some subject on the horizon, and we managed on one of the evenings. It was such a dramatic chase to get to a perfect spot, having waited in the wrong place not knowing the exact spot on the horizon where the moon will rise!

We had great view of the mountain every day

Great sunset/sunrise shots on the trip

Nice interaction by elephants

A perfect match past

It was a serious photographic competition by all on the trip, me involved. The young photographer in the picture beat us all to win a photographic contest at the end of the trip.

Meanders on Olare-Orok river in the Mara

We had great sightings of Elephants in Amboseli

Great photographic opportunity in Amboseli

Some great view points

Meanders on the Talek river

Some archery practice when not on game drives

A bit of Kenyan athletic on the dry salt pan of Lake Amboseli

A vulture takes off from a feed.

We watched this Jackal and another chase this gazelle which was giving birth and killed

We saw these beautiful lion cubs one day and the next day some new males came into the pride and killed both of them. it was so sad.

Although there was to much grass in the Mara, we managed to see enough

Lions drinking; photo credit J. illman

Photography in a different perspective: Credit K. Illman

Photography in a different perspective: Credit K. Illman

A nice low angle shot: Credit K. Illman

Photography in a different perspective: Credit K. Illman

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