Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Wildebeests migration 2020 update

The wildebeests migration is now on full throttle in Masai Mara and Northern Serengeti. The concentration built faster and the herds have pushed more into the Mara. The herds have taken a traditional trend and have split into two headings. One herd heading west and crossing over the Mara river and the other, north into Meta and towards Burrungat plains. All these are sure indication of guaranteed good sightings for the next few months.

There were heavy crossings at the Mara river about 3 places north of the south Mara bridge below Look Out Hill. Here, has been the arena of the crossing activities over the past few days. Hundreds of the Serengeti herds crossed west on the Mara Triangle. The river is not as high, making the crossing a bit easy for the animals.

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