Monday, October 3, 2011

New males taking over the marsh pride,

The history of the marsh pride in the Masai Mara game reserve is about to be re-written. The pride has been dominated by two males Romeo and clawed.
Four days ago, some 4 young males, thought to be 4yrs and one slightly older moved inot the marsh area from Olare-Orok conservancy. They have been moving around the border of the park and the conservancy. I remember, 2 weeks ago they gave us rough time when they came and moved through our camp for almost 3 nights in a row, forcing us to go to bed early.
These new males whne they arrived at the marsh they almost got up with Joy and the cubs, btu Joy managed to take them to safety. They only settled whne they came across Bibi, one of the females whom they went ahead to mate with. One of the males seem to be dominant to the other 3. When they came in, we knew it was a take over in process. I remember my fellow guide, Simon Chebon comment  ‘’this is a take over already’’
Normally when new males take over another pride, they will kill all small cubs. We got worried imediately these males came into the marsh that they will kill the young cubs. Currently Joy, one of the females at the marsh has 4 young cubs, about 6 months old and has lately been looking after a 3 month old cub belonging to on of the other females. I have been spending the whole day at the marsh since these new males came in, just to watch teh unfolding changes.
Last night these new males fought the resident  males and badly injured clawed, but Romeo managed to take off and was today found up on Rhino Ridge, while clawed lay the whole day below the airstrip with a fatal injury on his spine sustained from the fight. He also got injured on upper and inner thigh. He can now barely move or even roll over due to much pain.
The new males seem to be in no rush now, especially that clawed is helpless and and Romeo has fled. Our hearts goes to Joy and the cubs as we know only well that the ineviatbel will happen if the new males come across them.
I will keep documenting the unfolding tomorrow and sharing here, the new development.
Clawed in great pain from injuries sustained from fight with new males. his injuries are too bad ha can barely move
Clawed lying out in the sun today; he is injured and could not even move to look for shade
One the run: Joy with one of the cubs run away from danger of the new males

Joy taking the cubs to safety when the new males almost killed them 3 days ago
Two of the four new males at the marsh
The dominant male among the 4. He is the one that claimed Bibi and fought off the off the others

Romeo, with white eye next to him and charm plus some of the sub-adults feeding on wildebeest carcass yesterday morning not far from the 4 intruders


LH said...

Really appreciate you keeping us all up to date with what is happening in the Mara at the moment Paul.

It's a sad sad time for us all to see these pictures of Clawed and Romeo, they are just awful. I must confess to shedding a few tears for them today.

I really hope that Joy can keep her four cubs and Sienna's one cub safe.

Please keep the updates coming and thanks again.

Lynn :o(

Angad Achappa said...

Feel sad at the news.. but this is nature!!

Im glad i came across you blog mate!! :)

Regards from India,

Angad Achappa

Mama Simba said...

Many thanks Paul for this great update and photo's.
Please keep us posted on events as long as you can.

King Kali said...

I just saw "African Cats" and had some questions about Kali's takeover of Famg's territory by enlisting his 4 sons' help. 1.) If the sons helped him do they not expect to mate with the females too? And so doesn't this defeat his purpose? 2.) If this strategy works then doesn't it get extended to bigger and bigger groups till you have 10 males taking over a pride of 10 females? Where does it end?