Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Game viewing in the Mara cannot be better at this time of the year. The expected long rains have taken long except for sporadic showers across the plains. The last few days has seen a reasonable amount this over most of the areas in the Mara.

Much of the country as of now is still dry with everybody anticipating the usual rains.
The month of April is normally characterized by overcast days and dark afternoon skies followed by heavy down pours that can last for hours.

However this year, it has been clear most of the days. Because of this, the concentration of animals is still good. Normally, most animals would have left to the areas bordering the park where the grass is short, because of security from the predators and also due to the attraction of the nutritious new shoots of grass.

Lion sighting is still very good. We are currently following the ridge, Olkiombo and the pump house prides. Cheetahs are also seen regularly. The three brothers have been roaming the plains north and south of Rhino ridge. Shakira too is in the same areas and occasionally meets the brothers.

By Paul Kirui
Masai Mara

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