Saturday, August 1, 2009

Olive Has New litter

Olive, the female leopard star of the Big Cat Live program has a new litter. She was spotted on the 27th July 2009 at Olare-Orok crossing by Mara Intrepids guides, Tappen & Simon with their guests in the morning carrying a cub. She headed to the junction of the Talek and Olare-Orok rivers where there is some thick riverine forest. She has been seen in the location very often from that day. It is not clear yet if she has another cub. We are monitoring her closely to establish this.

This will be her 3rd litter in a row after the twins, Ayah and Binti, Kali and now the new litter. It will be of great interest to observe how they will all interact. The interaction of Kali and his sisters has been an unusual behaviour among leopards and will be good to observe how they will all behave with an additional litter.

I will post a picture of her with cub here as soon as i get it from the guests who took it that morning.


dianelionlover said...

Wow, what wonderful news.......a new family,,,

littlewid said...

That is so exciting. Wouldn't it be lovely if the interaction between the new cub/cubs is the same as Olives previous litters have had.
Thank you for this wonderful news.

chuishah said...

that's great news, very exciting. look forward to seeing the picture. :)


That is excellent news! We are anxious for the cubs' pictures.

Cassio & Alessandra.

Paul Kirui said...

This is really great news. It is going to be interesting to us to see how teh whole family will interact. It appears Bella's offsprings have unusual habits. Remember Chui, Bella's son from her last litter stayed with her for over two years which was more than any leopard has int he past. And now Olive with all her litter satyiong together!

chuishah said...

Any more news on the new litter?

BigCatFanz said...

Great news Paul!!! I cannot wait to hear more! Will be patient for your next update about them, I know Jackson is probably so excited about it too!! She is a great mum xx Take care, Paula.