Sunday, August 23, 2009

Masai Mara past week

Current wildebeest concentration

Paradise pride lionees carrying cub

Lion from ridge pride with Zebra kill

Wildebeest crossing at the Cul de sac

The wildebeest migration is still ongoing in the Mara. The concentration of the migrating herds is now almost spread out across the whole of the Mara triangle, with quite some big herds on paradise plains as well. The Serengeti herds in the past week kept streaming in from the south with the leading herds pushing further north and others west wards into the Mara triangle. These kept crossing the River by look out hill over the week. The recently burnt grasslands on the Mara triangle seems to have and still is an attraction, as more herds are still heading there.

There have a heavy crossing activity at the paradise crossing point over the past week as herds cross over to the west of the Mara River. These were the herds that were crossing east from the Mara triangle last week. Now they are going back. The crossing activity however is not exiting as usual since the amount of water in the river is very low, which actually makes the crossing just like a walk across. The animals are having it easy due to the low water level. The situation in the river is now unfavourable to the crocodiles who are really struggling to make any kill. They cannot stalk anything in water since they can be seen approaching. Deep water usually helps them drown their prey easily.

The lions are having an easy time now with the availability of prey almost on daily basis. A few lion pride s have small cubs at the moment. We witnessed great hunts and kills in the past two weeks.

Cheetahs were also seen over the same period. Shakira has moved south of Talek river and even lately has been beyond Olkeju-Rongai. Her three cubs are now quite active and have been witnessed to make their own kill. The three brothers (honey’s sons) have lately been roaming between Musiara marsh and the Talek river.

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jackaranda said...

As I can't be in the Mara right now, you will never know how much I love reading all about it from you, and to see the wonderful photographs you post. The lioness and cub is fabulous.
Thank you so much