Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beautiful Masai Mara

The Mara cannot be better than it is at the moment. with very low tourist occupancies in the lodges, the park has regained its wilderness concept again. You can go on game drive and enjoy a sighitng all to yourself for hours. though most people thinkt ehere is little to see at the moment, on contrary there is plenyt of game though concentrated only certain areas in the park.
the rains have just stopped though we gte occassional drizzles. the grass has grown very tall on most plains in the park. In the past couple of weeks, i have had interetsing sightings an di am posting here some of the pictures i took on game drives

This lion with his brother fought with 17 Hyaenas over a buffalo carcass for 2 hours. The lions lost the fight

This herd of Elephants made my morning one day last week when they came streaming down to the Mara river to drink and then went to a nearby swamp to wallow. It was really great. It was nice wathcing one male elephant chase a buffalo out of a mud hole.

I witneesed these two male buffaloes fight the whole afternoon, and got their horns locked such that they could not free themselves. i left them at 7pm an dcame to the same location at 6.30am the next day and found them still going for each other. they managed to free them selves after one of them broke his horns


Maggie Mae said...

Thank you for the update. Someday my mom hopes to come and visit your beautiful country.

Maggie Mae

Paul Kirui said...

Hi Maggie; Thanks for your comments, and most welcome to Kenya when you have an opportunity.

Masai Mara said...

Hi Paul,

I really enjoy reading your blog and keeping up to date with what's going on in the Mara. I can't believe that there were 2 lions against 17 hyenas, its crazy!

Kind Regards,


Paul said...

Hi Tom,
Am glad you enjoy reading my updates. I will try to make it as regular as possible to give you the latest from Masai Mara, especially now that we are goign inot the migration season.

Philip said...

i found your great blog with the beautiful images - congratulation, it is very intersting.

We hope to be able to visit the mara next year, but it is hard to wait so long, seeing those nice posts.

We may be travelling either in september or february. Could you tell us a little bit, how different the mara is at those times??
And also which animals might be better to be seen at those times? (we would like to see cats with cubs, and groups of elephants/giraffes)

would appreciate your help

Paul Kirui said...

HI Phil,
Thank you very much for your comments on my blog about Masai Mara. Without doubt, this is a very great reserve, i have ever worked in in my 17years of guiding!

I noted that you want to visit here in February or september. There will be a decrease in teh concentration of animals in February because the migrating herds of wildebeests and zebra will have left the reserve earlier. However, there will still be enough to see. The weather also is good though might be sunny and a bit hot in the day.
September is really good, but be prepared for the dust, since this is the begining of the dry season. It can get hot in the day, you need a hat and enouhg sunscreen. Beside that, this is the month i would recomend if you would like to see plenty of game. It is alos busy and so getting accomodation requires planning in advance.

Mary Bowman-Kruhm said...

I am home from outpatient but the anthesia has me groggy and I need to rest w/ leg elevated 3-4 days. Looking thru your blog is wonderful therapy! Great photos and posts are a life-saver for passing the time and mentally moving me 1/2 a world away.

Phil said...

Hi Paul
thanks a lot for your reply, help and info - very appreciated

BibiFan#1 said...

I just today found your site and I know I am going to love it!!!! Also, it is crazy that 2 lions would try to fight 17 hyenas over a buffalo carcass!!!!! WOW, thanks for the update.