Saturday, June 19, 2010

Migration progress

Map of the Mara showing progress of the migration

Just 2 days after my last update on the migration, the wildebeest have covered a huge area. The split herds have kept pushing ahead in the directions indicated earlier.

The herds that went due north have already got to the Talek river, which is a distance of 15 kilometers from the location of my reporting 2 days ago. They started crossing the river today in big number. Although the Talek river is very low and almost dry in some places, it was remarkable to see the wildebeest crossing in a rush, raising a lot of dust. The Olkiombo pride of lions have positioned themselves along this crossing point and killed 4 wildebeests from yesterday.

The herds that have taken the direction of lookout hill could be at the Mara river in another 2 days. Although there is plenty of grass in their way, they have just kept going through with only brief feeding stops.



Hey Paul,

how are you. I have been following your recent updates on the track of the migration. Aren't these wildebeests coming a bit early this year?


Anonymous said...

From Lynn :- Thanks Paul and especially delighted to hear that the Olkiombo Pride are making the most of the 'food source' that has arrived in the Mara :o)