Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Mara at best

The Mara has for thie past month been unusualy quiet, making it regain some wilderness concept. It has been nice going on game drives with few or no vehicles at sightings as the Mara has now been known for.

Most of the big cats in the Mara have got cubs; lions, leopard and cheetah. Three leopards in the central Mara, along the Talek, Olare-Orok and Olkeju-Rongai rivers have got 2 cubs each. Olive finally showed us he cubs about two weeks ago. The cubs are still quiet shy form game drive vehicles. Lorian, the female leopard at Olkeju-rongai has got two cubs as well. I managed to spend a great time with them recently whenthe mother had just brought them out.

Shingo the cheetah with her 6 cubs had gone far east but is now back at Olkiombo area. it is nice to see the cubs doing well an d learning fast how to hunt.

Many lions too have got very small cubs, among them the Ridge pride, where three of the females ahve a total of 12 cubs aged about 3 months. It is quite spectacular to watch them playing around their mothers. The season of plenty, that was the migration season caused most of these cats to mate so as to have their cubs whne food is available.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the readers followers on this blog A HAPPY SEASON

One of Lorian's cubs come closer to investigate who we were!

 The female cheetah hunting. just look at how the cubs are obedient and just stay behind her.

6 of the cubs in the Ridge ridge


Mama Matunda said...

Paul thamks for the post, the animals and the nature and people in the mara is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful Chrsitmas and happy New Year.
Best regards from Germany, Dani.

Mara Fan said...

jambo paul,

thanks for your wonderful pics and posts from the mara
I am allways happy to hear news from the mara
I wish you a happy and succsessful year, be carful to you

regards christa