Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another change in the migration

After a brief excitement with the coming back of the wildebeests for a second time this season in the Mara, it is all disappointment now with the herds having changed course over the last few days.

Doing a round the Mara fact finding mission today, I could see that most of the wildebeests were crossing the sand river over to northern Serengeti. The central plains which were teeming with wildebeests last week is now almost empty. The crossing on the Mara river by lookout hill and at paradise crossing point has gone quiet as well. In fact 3 days ago, the was heavy crossing on the Talek, with many wildebeests going north of the river, but the same have made a turn around and now heading south.

There is a sizeable herd though heading into Musiara marsh from the western edge of Rhino ridge. These changes have been caused by the unseasonal rains.

I will keep updating
Map showing current location

 wildebeests crossing the Talek a few days ago

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Mara Fan said...

thanks paul,

for your update about the crossings.
hope the weather will be better.
enjoy the next days