Wednesday, January 11, 2012

challenges and excitement in the Mara

The tall grass in the Mara is currently presenting a challenge to us in the field when looking for game. The grass is so tall in some places that it can reach 2.5mts! we normally experience such situation in April May and June after the long rain just before the wildebeests arrives. At the moment the animals in the reserve are only concentrated in certain places, mostly where the grass or drier ground. Due to this, the cats and other predators are facing a season of reduced food supply since the animals staying in such groups are more vigillant.
Despite the above condition, we are having great sightings. We have been seeing Bahati, the leopard cub movong between the Talek and Olare-Orok rivers. this evening she gave us superb sighting, posing for us from the tree top at sunset.
The marsh pride is still split up. Joy is with her two subadult sons and five cubs, one of whihc is adopted. The four musketeers are still by Bila Shaka, now with Bibi and white eye the rest of the pride are on the border of the reserve. On a few occasions they have killed cows in the nearby villages. Romeo ahs dissapeared for sometimes now and we are worried he could have died. We saw Clawed recently, look better.
Cheetahs in the reserve are now very few and getting even difficult to find one. I heard this evening that Shingo’s male cubs were seen over lunch heading inot the park. I will report tomorrow when i see them.

Photogenic sunrise lately

One of the Rhinos we have been seeing quite often towards the Mara river

 I came across this Hippo this morning on the plains before making his way to the river

 I followed Bahati this morning, and is a challenge keeping her on site

 Wattled plover, is one of the birds found along water pans/pools

 Bahati up a tree this evening scouting for prey from a tree top

 Elephant sighting is really great at the moment

The lions are having a rough time finding prey, hence go up trees or termite mount to use as


Charlene Dunne said...

Thank you for the update Paul :-]
Great photos,especially like the one of Bahati up a tree scouting for prey from a tree top. lol
It is good to hear you seen clawed and he looks better.
I hope Romeo isn't dead.

Susan said...

Great Update - Looking forward to more :)