Saturday, November 17, 2012

Python drama in the Mara

We had a drama this morning in the Mara when a python got under a friends vehicle. The serpent coiled itself in the engine compartment, I guess because it was warm. We tried to get it out, and ended up taking hours. Eventually someone brought in a steam water pump and it worked though not that quickly. this happened near Matira camp.
A word of caution after this, please drive off when you see the one heading your way!
 someone goes underneath to check where it is

 One of the guests who was using the vehicle got brave enough and tried to pull it out

 The drama attracted so many people as seen here

 Some tries looking underneath

 Some tried taking close shots!

 It surely was drama

 Eventually the water pump worked the trick as seen here

1 comment:

Pat Awori said...

My goodness Paul, so it left quietly or the hot water killed it??