Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 flash back

As the year comes to the end, i would like to share with you the highlights of my experience in the field. the year has been full of activities and great experience. Below are some of these in pictures


Dave Breed, drives through flooded tracks. It was quite a challenge for all of us

Richard Hammond and Jack Looseiya being interviewed in field

'Tash' and Sophie, ploughs through a flooded Musiara marsh

Inside the transmission tent at our base at Governors camp during "Planet Earth Live"

I spent a night here when i got stuck. It was quite an experience! i must say, never before has my driving skills been tested as it happened that season. with heavy rains, flooded rivers, tracks etc, it required better than normal skills.

While i was looking for the Ridge pride for the filming crew during the "Planet earth live" program, i stumbled two male Impala fighting, and while i marveled at the intensive fight, out of no where, Olive sprung out of the bushes and grabbed one of them, right in front of my vehicle.
Our Leopard queen, Olive entertained us one afternoon when she hunting right int eh open and proved us wrong when she got an Impala

I spent an emotional morning one time with some of my guests, when we found a dead elephant near Musiara marsh. Hyaena had started feeding on it and later lions joined them. engaging the elephants in a long drawn drama. the Elephants here in particular one sub-adult, kept coming, smelling and touching the dead elephant, whom we though could have been a close relative.

Rhino Ridge male and Olive courting

This was my favourite lion this year. i found him with his brother near lookout hill in the Mara

 I had great  unusual sightings like that of this Caracal
Malaika on top of my vehicle

It was great looking for and finding this leopard near our camp site at Digby's in Lewa down

I was fascinated by Malaika's sub-adult cub as he tries to climb onto vehicle like mum

I and my guests had some hunting scenarios like this. Not for faint hearted though!

A great migration season experience

Flamingoes at Lake Bogoria

Hyaena fights of vultures at a kill

"Walking wild" on Lewa. I had 4 great walking days with Tim Trench safaris guests

Great Big Cats sighting

 These Buffaloes chased away Notch and his sons from a hippo kill they had one morning near Rekero

 It was great spending time with Zawadi and her cub at the leopard gorge

 At Mapamba swamps near Entebe in Uganda looking for a Shoe Bill and other birds

 Witnessing the full take-over of the marsh pride by the muskeeters was one great observation throughout the year

 Watching Notch's boys bring down a Buffalo is an experience hard to forget

 A leopard with kill up a tree in North Serengeti.
Had treat from lions at Ngorongoro crater



MK said...

Paul, don't I envy you!!! I wish I were you but only on some sightings! Nice sightings for you in that year. Best wishes for the coming year. Happy New Year to you too and keep up the good work. Be Blessed

Mara Fan said...

hi paul,

late but I hope not to late will wish you a happy and successful new year 2013 and thank for all your reports from 2012.
keep up all your fantastic reports from my beloved maasai mara and my sweetheart malaika.....

be blessed and kwaheri

swati said...

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James Gikonyo said...

Fantastic journey in the jungle