Monday, May 13, 2013

A great safari in the quiet season

If you are planning a safari to Tanzania-Kenya around April May, most people will advice against the idea. this is mainly because being a rain season, there may not be much to see, coupled with the challenges of getting stuck in the bush.
however, recently embarked on one such trip, and what could have been boring, turned out to be one great safari of the season. My guests, Kym Illman (owner of Perth-based audio production company Messages On Hold Australia: and his family planned their trip for this period. Seeing how much rain we had, i reluctantly agreed to guide them. however, on the very first days of our trip things turned out great and warmed up our hearts. the trip took us to Ngorongoro crater, Ndutu area, Central Serengeti, Masai Mara and Naboisho conservancy. Kym who is a serious photographer, introduced me to new photography techniques. I am now a better photographer, and i promised to beat him in our photography competition on his return trip!

The highlights of our trip were Elephants at Ngorongoro crater (one really gave us a scare by charging from the back of our vehicle) the other highlight was a sighting of 11 lions on one tree near Seronera. the lions had been feeding on a buffalo then all went up the tree after feeding. we stayed here till they started coming down the tree one after the other. We left when the last lion came down. when we came back the next day, we were hoping to see them up the tree again, but we had only 2 go up and the rest came walking past the tree and all headed to lay on a big rock!
our other excitement was seeing this Cheetahs stalk and chases wildebeests on Ndutu plains. the dust and confusion in the herds made it difficult for us to take any decent pictures, except for a video camera we had left running on its own, capturing an amazing footage. Leopard sightings were great too. i must say, on this trip we saw lions almost every day. I was also amazed at the number of elephants we saw in Central Serengeti and the Mara. i will not forget the Giraffes we saw at Naboisho conservancy while staying at Naboisho camp. there was a herd of 35 giraffes walking across the plains. At first we were complaining of lack of light as it was approaching sunset and the sun was behind some clouds. However, our patience paid off when we finally had a streak of light coming through, illuminating our subjects in the most stunning evening light. From then on, we just clicked away!. The trip in the end turned out to be one of my best. Everywhere we went, we were almost the only guests in the camps/lodges and on game drive, leaving us to enjoy the sightings all on our own.

 This Elephant bull with largest tusks gave us a scare at the Crater
 The presence of  big herds of Elephants was quite a sighting
 A great cultural experience to top it up
 Zebras run through the woods at Ndutu area
 We often had stunning sunrises as seen here near L. Masek

 A Male Leopard we found feeding on an Impala up this tree in the Mara
 A sub-adult cheetah looks out from a vantage point
 Wildebeests running after a chase by cheetahs in Ndutu area
 A male lion on Naboisho conservancy
 Lions in tree in Serengeti- there were 11 of them!
 Giraffes on Naboisho conservancy
 More Giraffes

 Looking down the crater floor at Ngorongoro near Seneto decent

Great photographic opportunities through the trip


Anonymous said...

The male lion in Naboisho is one good looking lad.

Love seeing all the lions up in that one tree as well.

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...


Do you happen to know the name of the male lion from Naboisho? If not, would you mind me sharing your pic with Mara Naboisho Lion Project to see if they can ID him?

Rita Doshi (Rishi's mom) said...

Can you share what camera you used or would that be professional secret ? Amazing pics. We are going to be there in Aug. and I'm looking to buy a new camera.

Anonymous said...

Really nice photos Paul, i really enjoyed the post.