Saturday, March 29, 2014

Celebrating great safaris

I apologize to my followers on this blog for being ''off air'' since late last year.  I have been busy on safaris, some which were back to back involving big groups that required my full attention. therefore i had very little time to update my safari blog.
Most of the safaris I have been leading have been in Kenya (Amboseli, Masai Mara)and Tanzania (Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti & L. Victoria). However, these are not the only safaris i have led recently, some involved smaller specialist photographic groups visiting other parks in Kenya i.e. Sarara, Lewa downs, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Lake Bogoria and Baringo. others were birders to Kakamega forest. In all these trips, myself and my guests have been fortunate with great sightings. some of the guests are people i have guided a few times before, and for me knowing their interests made things easier and this resulted in successful safari. Some of these guests were Kym and Tonya Illman from Perth Australia and Mr. Roger Hooper from the UK. You can see some of the images on their websites, and Roger is running an exhibition of these images in London from the 12th of June at the OXO gallery. you can see other details on his website if you would like to go to his exhibition. i have just finished a one week safari with Roger in the Mara and were we lucky with the weather and great sightings of leopards everyday for seven days!

Below are some of the pictures taken on some of these trips. I will post more photos from my previous safaris later.

Rekero pride of lions in Masai Mara looks out from a mount

One of the guests taking a picture of an Elephant

I was lucky to spend time with Lorian and her 2 cubs, though she lost one..

A Rhino in one of the parks we visited

Two Elephants interact, giving us a nice photo opportunity

Elephants walks past our vehicles

A face off of Lions and Buffalo

Double crossing pride

Boys on the look out

A Hyaena stands on a dead Hippo in the Mara

Siri with Impala kill

She stops to catch breath

A Cheetah on the look out

Elephants drinking in the Mara River

One of Paradise pride lioness jumps to catch something in the grass

A Topi walks past a sleeping lion

Lorian with one of her cubs

Carefully tucked away

Buffaloes at L. Nakuru

It was amazing seeing how water has almost taken over every corner of L. Nakuru

A Rhino drinks from a pond

Elephants in Amboseli

A view of Ngorongoro crater

My guests enjoying a view of Nkoitokitok spring inside Ngorongoro crater

One of the guests at the new view point at Ngorongoro crater

A group photo with one of the groups i was leading with the crater in the back

At Olduvai gorge prehistoric site

Serengeti in the background. No wonder it is called the endless plains

I liked this sculpture of a wildebeest at the Seronera visitors education centre in Serengeti

One of the great sightings, was 8 lions in a tree

We had great sunsets in Serengeti

We got to enjoy Lake Victoria at Speke's Bay

Sukuma ladies fetching water from the Lake

I enjoyed watching the sunset over the lake

Flying into the Mara from the west, gave me an opportunity to see how much land use is changing

I developed an interest to take a shot of this bend on the Mara river which resembles a map of Africa

There was an unfortunate incident of Rhino poaching in the Mara early March

A map showing my commonest safari routes between Kenya and Tanzania

Guests visits to the Elephant orphanage to learn their plight  

Some of my guest had a great interaction with some of the animals

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