Sunday, July 6, 2014

The migration show continues in the Mara

The wildebeest have made another dramatic comeback. Over the past week, the concentration in the south of the reserve swelled to an enormous number. these were the herds believed to have remained in Northern Serengeti when the first group came into the Mara last month. when the first group arrived, they headed due north from Sand River, crossed the Talek River then continued into the conservancies of Olare-Orok, Naboisho and Mara North where they settled before coming back into the reserve last week. They headed towards Rhino ridge, Musiara marsh, then Paradise plains and finally crossing the Mara River west onto the Mara Triangle. there have been massive crossings over the last few days with many animals crossing at different places. As usual, the predation on the crossing animals was witnessed
There is a higher concentration on the central and Meta plains. The westward bound herds have spread out on the central plains again and crossing the Mara River near look out hill. For the past three days, we have witnessed many animals crossing around here. three days ago, they crossed for almost 3 hours non-stop. The animals are crossing over into the Mara triangle then spreading out around Oldoinyo-Olkineji and others heading towards Turner's hill and Milima Tatu.
while the concentration of these animals are the major attraction, we have been witnessing many hunts by the Mara predators, mainly lion, Leopard, Hyaena and Cheetah.

I will keep you posted.

The herds spreads out to graze after crossing at paradise point on the Mara river

The herds heads away from the river after crossing at Look-out hill

A map of the Mara showing details of the ''show''


Debbie Morris said...

We have been thinking of coming back to the Mara in 2017, but are concerned about all the vehicles we hear about all surrounding animals at the same time. How bad is it really?

Anonymous said...

Asante for the update Paul.
Sorry I missed you in Tanzania.

Anonymous said...

Asante for the update Paul.