Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A great game experience starts the year

As we start the year, one thing that really stands out and noticeable by many in the tourism sector in Kenya and Tanzania, is that of low tourist numbers. Over the past year, the terrorism activities witnessed in Kenya, coupled with the outbreak of Ebola in west Africa, has led to so many cancellations by visiting intending to visit the region. visiting many game parks at the moment the low numbers of safari vehicles is an evidence that the traditional low tourists season normally experienced in April to June, has come early this year.
Besides the downtime as mentioned above, looking at it from a conservation point of view, perhaps the current tourists number is what we should have anyway. this is a time when you lest tread on anybody's toes since there is plenty of space. this is the time when you can enjoy a sighting all on your own even in the traditional busy reserve, like Masai Mara, Samburu, Ngorongoro etc. While on a trip recently at Ngorongoro crater, i found it unusual to see only 8 vehicles at the Nkoitokitok spring picnic spot. This is one spot that could have ten times that number in the busy season. In Samburu too, on a recent trip i saw only 2 other vehicles which is also unusual.

Generally, in all the places i visited last month and early this month, i and my guests have enjoyed solitude moments which we have not had for very long time due to increased number of visitors in the parks in recent years. This gave me gave me and my guests great photographic opportunity, without the risk of having somebody parking behind your subject. We were happy to have spent such a moment as i know it will not last. With the increased security measure by our governments this will give more confidence to potential visitors to the region and soon the numbers will be up again.

At the start of the year, with wildebeests around, we could still see active predation

We spent some times with the Samburu people in Kalama conservancy while camping.

A view of the spectacular mount Ololokwe

Isn't it nice to be children?

Samburu woman doing her bead work at one of the villages we visited

Elephants in Samburu game reserve

It has been great sunrises and sunsets lately

Leopard sightings has been very good



A great pose by siri

Siri's cub Kijana

Malaika's cubs at sunset

Siri being chased by a baboon

The marsh bride

A Hyaena baby in the Mara

A Hippo out and about

Malaika with a Buffalo in the background

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