Saturday, May 9, 2015

Amazing how the Giraffes finds food in the middle of nowhere

On a recent safari in Serengeti, i spent a great time in solitude around the Gol Kopjes. Beside watching prides of lions in this area all on ourselves, i was amazed when i saw some 3 Giraffes who had trekked for kilometres across the endless plains to come to the Kopjies. It was a time when most of Serengeti was very dry and off course all animals were looking for food. What was amazing is how they got to know of the Kopjes even though they were out of sight from anywhere. Having spent almost a week in this area, i could see that Elephants had been here at some point as can be seen from broken trees. How they were able to find this place too was another guess.
It just got to show how intelligent the animals are and using natural instinct to find food.

Trekking across the plains. Naabi hill in the background

With no landmark as a bearing, these animals just followed their instinct 

They ended up at the Kopjes where they spent some days

There was plenty to eat once they got here.

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