Friday, June 19, 2015

The wildebeests migration now begins in the Mara

The wildebeests now heading into the Mara. This has been confirmed today after a fact finding mission round the entry points along the Mara and Serengeti border. This was also confirmed this morning by the manager at Sala’s camp on the Sand River on his Facebook post from the camp. Though this is still in its’ initial stages, every indication shows that the stage is set for the world’s most fascinating wildlife spectacle. A few thousand wildebeests have reached the sand river and are now expected to cross the border over eh next few days. They could be seen this morning taking their traditional route around Naimalumbwa hill. Their movement however is slower because of the amount of grass in their way. Since April this year we have continued having intermittent rains which has made the plains covered in long green grass. The will for sure slow the migration movement north. Looking onto the Serengeti from the sand river, one can see isolated herds of zebra and wildebeest heading north though reluctantly. We anticipate that as the concentration builds up they will bush up north into the Mara. We have continued to have rains across the Mara over the last couple of weeks and this might fasten the process a bit. Just coming from Serengeti, I saw over the past weeks, herds of wildebeest around Naabi and Gol area and other big herds are around Lobo and were on a northbound trek.
The loita population has also moved towards the Mara. They came in about a week ago. Hundreds of zebras and wildebeest are currently in the neighbouring conservancies of Olkinyei, Naboisho and Mara North. These are expected to move inot the park to join up with the southern herds. There Mara is therefore set for a lot of migration activity. Concentration. The Mara lions have just woken up to the season of plenty again. Most lion prides closer to the migrating herds have been seen to be coming together and strategizing for the feast.



Debbie Morris said...

Fabulous! Thank you so much for the news and now making me wish I was there again.

Kristina Trowbridge said...

Thanks for your updates; I thoroughly enjoy them all.