Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beautiful golden carpet at Ngorongoro crater

While on safari few days ago, i was mesmerised not only by the beauty of the scenery at Ngorongoro crater, but to see that it is all yellow on crater floor, and as one of my guests puts it, this is the garden of Eden!. Although am a regular visitor to the crater, its not always that you see these flowers blossom. With the recent rains, flowers, especially Bidens and Aspilia have blossomed, turning the crater floor into a yellow carpet. This is mainly on the northern half of the floor, towards Munge river and up the northern rim. Even over the crater rim to the west as you decent toward malanja, the hill side has this beautiful shading of yellow. The flowering usually occurs after long rains, and this occurrence is associated with the recent late rains.  Its so beautiful.

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