Monday, August 7, 2017

Early August Migration Update

The wildebeest migration continues to thrill Mara visitors. There are a lot of activities accompanying this annual event. For the past week the herds of wildebeest and zebra continued in their traditional migratory routes in the Mara. The herds which have been crossing the Mara river near the lower Mara bridge are now massed up on the Mara triangle. More herds have kept crossing over from Serengeti into the Mara triangle, and most of these are on Lerai wedge and along the Sand River on the eastern side. Some have spread out on the central and Burrungat plains though in small isolated herds.

The animals continued crossing near the lower Mara bridge onto the Mara triangle in the past week, though in reduced numbers. At the moment, there were many wildebeest and zebra crossing at the paradise point. There has been a lot of action at this point for the past few days. The water level is still low though a bit higher than the past month.

The crocodiles at the Mara river have never ceased taking the opportunity. There were many animals taken by crocodiles during the crossings, you often see crocodiles in a feeding frenzy on dead wildebeest carcass. With many animals on the Mara triangle now moving north, we expect heavy easterly crossing at different points on the Mara river over the coming weeks. 
If you were timing your visit to see this, now this is the time.

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Mary Bowman-Kruhm said...

Wonderful photos, Paul (as usual!).