Thursday, March 15, 2018

Kanyonyi the silverback gorilla from Bwindi is dead!

I am saddened with news that Kanyonyi, the silver back with Mubare group of gorillas in Bwindi has died. The news got to me a bit late but still shocking. Kanyonyi was the dominant male in the group and used to like climbing trees despite his weight. It was during such climbs that he fell down and broke his hip. This was in September last year despite treatment, he became less mobile for about 2 months. After which a new black back came into the area and managed to take the females away from Kanyonyi who was now helpless. Once the females were safely away he came and fought the now helpless Kanyonyi inflicting fatal injuries. He died 3 days later on 9th December. I took the photo attached in June. I am sad that i will not see him on my many subsequent visits this year. RIP Kanyonyi

Kanyonyi doing what he liked doing... climbing trees!

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