Monday, May 21, 2018

The Masai Mara loses one of its legendary lions

It was very sad yesterday to receive news of the death of one of the legendary male lions of the Masai Mara. Lipstick as he was called by the guides and Mara visitors, is no more. He died from injuries sustained from a fight with male lions from Olare-Motorogi Conservancy at the end of last year.
He was treated twice this year but h didn't respond positively.
Normally he would have kept going, by stacking to the pride, who would hunt and he benefit from that. However, when the migration heads south to Serengeti and East into the conservancies, food became scarce and feeding among the lions degenerate into fights and scramble for whatever piece you can get. Due to this, one has to be physically fit to see him/herself through the lean period. The period between March to late June, when the migration arrives, is a selection period for the the strong individuals. If you are not strong, you wont live through.
this is a season where we see many lions cubs succumbs to hunger and also normal to see many lions looking thin and some emaciated. But when the wildebeests arrives, then the feed frenzy, bring back good health toe the Mara prides.

Lipstick now leaves his comrade, Blackie to rule over the Topi plains territory with the Ridge pride. His tenure, however, may not last long as we have many nomadic males in this region at the moment. He may not stand any challenge.

Lipstick in February, when though he was injured, was still healthy

Sights like this are common in April- June, when you find lions thin and also employing the use of trees or termite mounts as vantage points to scan the plains for potential prey

A video of Lipstick which i took in February 

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Michael said...

RIP Lipstick
was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with him and Blackie last November.