Thursday, August 27, 2009

Olive with cub

Olive carrying her cub: Photo Courtesy of Evelyne Meijssen

I had promised to post here a picture of Olive with her cub. The above picture was taken at the Talek river on 15/8/09 courtesy of Mara Intrepids guest Evelyne Meijssen

Olive ws een mating with a male a few days ago as per my previous post. this new development has casued us confused because we have since seen her with cubs yet we thoguht for moment maybe they were dead. Her story since she last year has been a very unusal one after she managed to live with her two litters. it took me and a friend, Federico, a professional photgrapher and Mara resident, quite sometimes to figure out what wa s going on. we first thought the young cub Kali belonged to Ayah.

I will keep updating you on Olive as we try to understand this interesting behaviour.


Colin Jackson said...

Hey Paul... Colin Jackson here from BBC Big Cat. Hope you are well? Very interesting stuff about Olive (you know I have a soft spot for leopards!)

Really sad I'm not coming to the Mara this year.. but, hopefully I'll make it back sometime soon.

Keep up the great work and hope we can chat on e-mail soon.

Paul Kirui said...

Thanks Colin; very unfortunate you are not coming to the Mara this year. Would have been nice to catch up again.I will surely miss my leopard team!

However, i thought i should share with others these interesting sightings in the Mara. otherwise lets communicate on email.


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