Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wildebeest migration status

Map of Masai Mara showing location of the wildebeest herds

The wildebeest migration is still on in the Mara. Most of the animals are now spread out on the Mara triangle plains. There are very patchy concentrations in the north of the reserve around Musiara gate and Topi plains. It is still dry and hot during the days and most temporary pools have dried up, making the animals converge at watering holes or streams to drink in during the day. The higher concentration on Mara triangle is mainly due to some light showers that have occasionally been going through area.

This area is still teeming with grass and much of the plains was not burnt earlier as it was in other places, thereby sparing the grass for the hungry herbivores for the dry period. The most dominant species of grass here is mostly the red oat grass which is an increaser. The more it is fed upon, the more it regenerates soon after the rains and therefore overgrazing here is beneficial to the maintenance of this species.
There were crossing activities at the river, but only a handful animals crossing in either direction at the main points near lookout hill and paradise crossing points. The predation on the crossing herds by the crocodiles has gone down due the low level of water which is making it difficult for the crocodiles to approach the crossing animals unnoticed.

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