Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Mara cats update

Shakira & Daughters on paradise plains earlier

One of the males in Notch's gang

One of Olive's cubs

Olive & one of her cubs

The Mara cats are having their easy meals this month before the last of the easy prey leaves. Many skeletons still lie across the plains as an evident of a big feast that was in the last season. From now on lion prides will be seen highly mobile in search for food especially the ones with cubs. Some prides go to an extend of splitting up because there is barely enough for them all at one go.
Over the past couple of weeks, the ridge pride have been roaming between around the southern base of Rhino ridge, Mara Intrepids and the Mara river area. There is one female with 3 month old cubs and one with 2 month old. They made very successful if not easy kills in the past months when the wildebeest were all over their territory.

Olive, our female leopard star and her 3 month old cubs are still around the junction of the Talek and Olare-Orok rivers. They have lately been moving between this place and the little forest between Mara Intrepids and Explorer camps.
Binti, her daughter is just downstream from where Olive is. They also took the opportunity when the wildebeest are streaming down south through their territories. We saw few young wildebeests’ carcasses in trees along the river.

Shakira, who for the past two years has been our main female cheetah star, is still around and still with her 3 daughters. she was seen the last two days at the border of Mara-serengeti on the south Mara Triangle. The many gazelle fawns born since the past 3 weeks have been providing her with some easy meals. The 3 brothers who are Honey’s cubs continue to roam far and wide from Musiara to paradise and south to Burrungat plains. There is another cheetah between Talek and Olkiombo airstrip with three very little cubs. This is not alama which we reported earlier. In general cheetah sightings have been the best this season.


Anonymous said...

Paul; Thanks for the updates on Shakira and her girls. They must be awfully close they have been with her for awhile. She must just be the most spectacular mother cheetah of them all. And nice to know those wild guys (The Honey Boys) are roaming like they have no fear at all. Again Thanks for the updates.

Paul Kirui said...

'Honey boys' and Shakira with her daughters nowadys are giving us great sightings. with the wildebeest still around and the gazelles having fawns, hunting is predictable if you are patient enough. but those hHoney's boys are hte most amazing, they killed 2 little warthogs yesterday after a very tough fight wiht the mother, but they are not the kind to give up on anything.

Anonymous said...

Yes they have their mother's gene's and so nice to know they can handle themselves Paul. They must be just awesome. And they have no fear Honey would be so proud of them. It must be really amazing to see them one can only imagine from your posts and Jackson's. And Jackson posted an update on another cheetah I feel in love with Allana and she has her remaining girl with her. And of course Shakira and the girls the updates are fantastic Paul and we do love them. And thank you for all the updates on all the big cats.

Victoria Garcia said...

Yes Paul, thank's so much for all the updates on all our beloved big cats ! The Honey's boys are an amazing gang ! I saw they killing wildbeast in one of Big Cat Live episodes ! What can I say about Shakira ? One of the most good and brave mother of the Mara !! What about the Marsh Pride of lions ? Are the four old girls looking well ?
Thank's for the great job your'e doing !

V1C70R said...

Paul; keep updating us on subjects such as these. It helps me believe that there is still hope there to keep the big cats' population stable. Thank you. Masai Mara is the place to be and I have been there.

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