Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mara Big cats update

An inquisitive cheetah cub

Olive with one of the cubs this morning

A Male lion from paradise pride

All lion prides in our game viewing territory are still present in their home ranges. There were interesting sightings of these cats in the past week, hunting wildebeest, zebra and warthogs all to the excitement of our guests. One lioness from the Ridge pride with her cubs has been at maternity area for the past week, and has been very nice seeing her little cubs play in late afternoon. There are other lionesses with cubs as well. These are from Paradise, Olkiombo and Musiara prides. You simply can’t see time passing here! When watching these lions.

Leopard sighting have been very good if not better than the previous weeks. The most exciting moment was when Olive and her two cubs showed up occasionally. She has made a few kills in the past couple of weeks with some being witnessed by our guests. She killed an impala two days ago at the Olare-Orok crossing and dragged it into a bush before going to fetch her cubs. When coming with the cubs, it was nice to see her carrying one occasionally in her mouth so as to increase her walking pace to get to the kill. She gave us the sighting of the week, with her cubs coming out in the morning and late afternoon and playing endlessly. Binti, her older daughter was seen a few times near the rocky bend on the Talek river, a place which has been her area of abode for long.

Cheetah sightings were also good and a few successful hunting were also witnessed. Shakira has now moved up from lookout hill to paradise plain where she has been for over a week. The three brothers are also in the same location. There was drama yesterday, when the three brothers engaged her and her three daughters in some fight that lasted almost an hour before the boys decided to leave the poor ladies alone. The sight of the seven cheetahs was quite unusual and our guests were treated to this rare show.

There is a cheetah with three small cubs (not alama, the one mentioned in our past report) which is found to the east of Explorer, where she has been hunting over the past week. There is also one pregnant female in the location which we think could give birth any time.


Mike said...

Jambo Paul,
So good to see you keeping up with the big cats. I really miss Big Cat Diary on TV, but I still watch all the reruns.
Keep up the good work, while Big Cat is not filming, we depend on you to keep us up to date.

Anonymous said...

Paul; nice to hear that Shakira's girls are still with her. Jackson said one ran away and didn't come back yet. So I guess they are still with her then from your blogs. I was wondering what ever happened to Allana the female cheetah and her one remaining cub. And nice to hear that there are more young cheetah's there and more coming.

Cherry Palpallatoc said...

Good to know that Honey boys are doing great. Honey had done a great job in raising these handsome boys.