Saturday, December 26, 2009

Masai Mara Latest

Olive stacking a herd of Implala

Heavy downpours in the afternoons, now common

Streams flood, but still fun driving through

The long awaited rains finally arrived two days before Christmas. Most parts of the country received a lot of rains over the past four days. It was so heavy in some places that it resulted in lose of human lives.

The rains would not have come at a better time. The Mara needed more rain to enable th grass re-grow after heavy grazing over the last five months by both wild and domestic animals in some areas. The Maasai people, who have this year been affected more than any other year by the drought, can now afford to smile, because their remaining cattle will survive now that there is food.

Although the rain is welcomed, it is now going to limit us from moving into certain areas fro game viewing. The little streams which we have been just crossing through with ease have now changed into rivers;

On the Big Cats fronts; Olive is still at the Olare-Orok river, around the smelly crossing. She is still with her two cubs. There were false reports earlier that the cubs had been killed, but she still has them. Another leopard upstream, near double crossing point, has been there for the last one week is looking expectant and might bring forth new cubs soon. Binti was seen last week just below the junction of the Talek and Olare-Orok rivers. We had a rare show on 21st December, when Kali confronted the Rhino ridge male (the father of Olive’s small cubs). He spooked and chased him for about 300 metres before the male turned around only to find it is just a small boy, at which point he turn back and chased him. But before long, Kali turned back and charged at him again but he was given a fright and had to run fro his live. I can see him becoming a very strong male in future.

The Ridge pride is still near the Mara River with Notch and his gang still accompanying them. Paradise pride is at their usual place at paradise plains near the wildebeests crossing


Olivier Delaere said...

Great news Paul. Thank you for that.
Kali should better find another territory. Too close to his parents... I hope to see him again next year. Beautiful leopard.

dianelionlover said...

Thank you for the update Paul, when you have a chance could you update us on the Marsh Pride and the Three Graces.......

Diane Miller,
Florida, USA

littlewid said...

Nice update Paul, Thank You.
Sorry to hear about the loss of human life though,my thoughts go out to those families.
Lovely to hear that our Big Cats are doing well.