Monday, March 5, 2018

Malaika: The Mara Cheetah missing

am worried we may have lost Malaika, the cheetah in Masai Mara. There is a suspicion that she may have drowned crossing Olare Orok yesterday morning. When i saw her two days ago crossing the same river by double crossing area from the east going west onto Rhino ridge where she stayed for 2 days. The day before yesterday in the evening, we watched her trying to hunt some Impala though she failed after some Hyaenas showed up. When we woke up yesterday morning we found the cubs on the banks of a raging Olare Orok river, calling as they stared into the river. They did this almost half a day before withdrawing a shot distance away, then rested under a tree for the rest of the day. ( we saw this behavior when Malaika lost a cub to a croc on the Talek sometimes back) 
This morning they came to the same spot on the river on the river and after calling briefly, they braved and jumped into the river and crossed. They river was still high but lower than yesterday. There are two big crocs at the same spot, which can be seen basking on the banks.
Now the big question, could Malaika have drowned trying to cross or has she just abandoned the cubs to fend for themselves? She mated with the 5 musketeers about 2 weeks ago and i think if she is now expecting some new comes in 3 months, then its possible she may have abandoned the cubs to live on their own since they have now come of age.
Should anybody see her alive.... please share the info

The boys scent marking a tree

The family match

Malaika walking across the plain with her boys

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