Saturday, January 23, 2010

A morning with the leopards

Binti now looking found today looking for mate

Kali two days ago on the south side of Talek river

Olive killing a young warthog this morning

The Mara is now very green and still wet in most places. Driving around requires one to be cautious enough. The grass is now grown tall very fast due to the rains.
After a short break and being away from the Mara, I just come back a couple of days ago and was really longing to catch up with my cats again.
I was fortunate on arrival to find Kali who had been away from his birth area for long. He has grown big and I am worried he will soon leave this area and not come back again. This is because the His step dad, the Rhino ridge male has now taken over big boy’s territory completely. For the first weeks after he came into the area, we thought big boy will see him off, but now it is many months after and this confirms to us that Big boy has finally let go his grip on his territory.

This morning, I went out on a game drive looking for Olive with the cubs. After about an hour with no success, I stopped the vehicle just to listen to the sounds of the bush and that is when I picked up an alarm call from some guinea fowls. I went to check and found Binti. Another guide from Rekero had been trailing her since early morning. She is obviously looking for the male as she could not stop calling and she went around sniffing on the trail of the male who was in the area yesterday. This has now confirmed to us that she has not been pregnant as thought by some guides. If she pairs with the male now, we should be expecting the cubs by mid May

After spending sometimes with Binti, I headed back to camp and was just called by a fellow guide that he has found Olive and she was hunting. I dashed there just when she got a young warthog. She had a rough time with the mother but managed to ward her off. In no time, a hyaena appeared on the scene, forcing her to hastily take the kill up a nearby tree, which was really a comfortable one, but at least kept its prey safe from the hyaena. I am still combing the area to see the cubs.


Olivier Delaere said...

Hello Paul !
Thank you for your post.
Hope you'll find Olive cubs.
Binti looking for mate ? Excellent ! maybe new cubs when we come back to Intrepids in august ;-)

Paul Kirui said...

Hi Olivier,
Just after i had psoted this, she was seen mating with th efather of Olives youngest cubs. Infact her step father. if it works out, then we will have cubs when you come in August.


So this is the end of the mystery about the cubs...Great update. Thanks, Paul.

BibiFan#1 said...

It looks like Olive is doing a good job raising these cubs then..... Thanks for the update!