Sunday, January 31, 2010

Masai Mara Big Cats Update

Honey's boys two days ago; still together and even stronger

One of the ridge pride female scouting for prey from a termite mount

One of the males from Notch's gang fedding on hippo they killed yesterday

The weather in the Mara now is clear hot days and cold morning. The average temperatures we have been recording for the past one week are about 13-14ºC in the morning and about 35 ºC in the afternoon.

When the temperature is this high in the day, most big cats restrict their movements and often go into the bushes or under trees to take shade. This makes game viewing only at best in the morning and late afternoons. Besides this, the grass is now growing very fast and is already tall in some places, a condition which is forcing most animals to congregate in certain areas only.

I have been following some of the big cats this past week. These were, the Olkiombo, paradise, and Ridge prides. The ridge pride killed an ostrich 5 days ago near the Mara river just opposite Serena pump house on the eastern side of the river. At the same time, Olkiombo pride killed two Buffaloes along the Talek river. Two days later two of the males from the same pride killed a Hippo along Olare-Orok river. Yesterday the ridge pride with over ten small cubs with the males killed another hippo near paradise crossing point.

These unusual hunts have been necessitated by the absence of medium sized prey, i.e. Zebras and wildebeests. The Mara lions normally have to adapt very fast to the change food availability.


Anonymous said...

Paul; Thank you for the updates on the Honey Boys. I am one who really is very fond of them. The other big cats are great also. But the Honey Boys are my favorites. I guess that is because I had a great love for Honey.

Paul Kirui said...

Hi Donnie; good to hear that you really like the boys: they are also my second favourite cats after the leopards.
the 3 brothers have lately been giving us great sightings. they will stop at nothing untill they get what they want to hunt down. they killed a fully grown Topi recently which was quite amazing!

Anonymous said...

Paul; I am glad that you keep us posted. I see the other posts, but I don't always comment. Unless it is of the cheetahs. I am very happy that the boys have stuck together etc. through all their diversity. They have really become an amazing family. And as stated earlier I had a great love for Honey, and what a fitting tribute to her memory is knowing that her boys have become so amazing. And I have to say thank you for all the posts and the good work in letting the outside world knowing what a very special area you live in.

DouDou-Toki said...

Honey Boys~~~ Love them so much. love their Mother as well

BibiFan#1 said...

I love Snap, Crackle, and Pop!!!! They have grown up to be great hunters, just like their mom!!! Honey's death was such a horrible mistake.... So sad... :( I cried when I heard she had passed.... It is good though that Notch boys are doing well!!!! It is amazing that they caught a HIPPO!!!! Is Notch still with them???