Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Mara is green again

The Mara is quiet and beautiful at the moment. With few tourists in most of the camps and less vehicles in the park, it is the place to be for those who love wilderness concepts.

After the recent rains which wreaked havoc in many places in the country, the Mara is now green with the grass growing tall fast especially on the central plains. On the lower areas and marshes, it is still wet though we have not had rain for a couple of weeks now.

Most of the general plains game have moved to drier areas, mainly high grounds. This is normally to avoid fungal infection s in their hooves and also to avoid being preyed upon by the predators. This also makes life difficult for lions, cheetah and leopards to hunt. This is a time when we see lions going up termite mounts or tree to gain vantage points to scan around for prey. Cheetahs too are seen doing the same, and even though they are not good climbers, they can bee seen going up trees to look around.
A herd of Elephants going through the long grass

A lion scanning the plains from a termite mount

A cheetah runs after an Impala yesterday (But was taken by Hyaenas)


Simon said...

Thanks for the update Paul - and I love the pictures, especially the cheetah :)

Alan said...

Great pics - so typical Mara!

BibiFan#1 said...

Awesome pics.... It is so pretty out there!!!