Friday, February 26, 2010

A moment with Gorillas

NO Gorillas in the Mara! these are shots taken in Volcanoes park In Rwanda

After a very busy season, I took a break from the Mara cats to track the Gorillas and chimps in Rwanda. It was a great experience seeing the Gorillas, just a few feet from me; awesome creatures. The chimps too, though quite a challenge sometimes to track were also a big plus for the trip.

I have been away from Masai Mara the past two weeks and have just returned to find all the cats in their usual places. Olive with her two male cubs is still around Olkiombo airstrip area. She killed and impala two days ago. Rhino ridge male who is the father of the cubs has never been far away from the same location as well since he ousted ‘Big boy’ from this territory.

The three Honey’s boys have been on Topi plains for the past two weeks. They mated with the female who has also been roaming the same area with her single sub adult cub.

Olkiombo pride came to a big feast two days ago whey the made two kills along the Talek river all the current 25 members came together; it was a great sight!

We still have some rain but not too wet and so can still move around with ease though the grass is now a challenge to spotting the cats!


ad said...

wow, all 25 lions, must be a sight! what 2 kills did they make?

any idea where kali is?

dianelionlover said...


Jackson mentioned that Romeo and Red are missing, do you have any information on them?

Diane Miller,

Paul said...

I will find out about the missing lions next week. it is normal at this time when there is not much for the lions to eat to split up inot smaller groups, but will come together as soon as hte pounding hooves of the migrating herds are heard in the Mara.

Anonymous said...

Paul; I heard some rumors. Don't know how true they are maybe you can clarify them. We heard there was a lion killed with a spear. And then Red the lion was poisoned. Also one of Shakira's girls have gone missing and is presumed to be dead. I hope these are rumors. Because it would be a very heartbreaking news for everyone. Thanks, Donnie

Paul said...

I have also heard the same, but i have been away fromt eh Mara teh past 3 weeks. let me find out and get back to you on Friday 19th.

Anonymous said...

Paul; Thank you. And it would be so sad.