Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update on the wildebeest migration

Map of the Mara showing current wildebeests concentration location

Wildebeests crossing the Talek river

wildebeests at sunrise this morning

The movement of the wildebeests in the Mara over he past few days has really changed. Many of the animals I reported earlier, have left the central plains and either crossed the river west onto the Mara triangle or north towards Rhino ridge.

The herds split just before crossing the Talek river at different points last week. Some animals crossed near Talek gate and headed north, some into Olare Orok conservancy and other just east of Rhino ridge on the border of the reserve. The remaining herds have been crossing the river near Rekero camp. These ones have been moving along the Mara river towards the main crossing and started crossing today. We had about 3000 animals crossing with the crocodiles killing at the least 3 during the 45 minutes crossing.

Down at lookout hill, the crossings continued at different points, with the animals heading due west after crossing the river. The first herds that crossed the river last week are now heading towards the salt lick.

Predation on the herds was quite significant over the week with the Mara prides swinging into action. We witnessed a few kills in the past few days. The 3 male cheetah coalition of honey’s boys killed a few young wildebeest and at least one adult in the past one week and a half.

We anticipate to the crossing to continue for a few days in the south and the loita herds are now pushing south from Musiara area towards the main crossing. This is where it is likely to be busy over the next weeks.


Mara Fan said...

thank you paul for your up-date and your latest informations every day at fb

Sasha said...

Thanks for the updates.
I will be there from 11th - 14th August at Mara Siria Camp and I do hope that I will be lucky enough to witness the migration. Keeping fingers crossed. :o)

Anonymous said...

What is the status of the Mara River this year?

Low level?

Normal level?

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