Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Active crossing in the Mara

There was a heavy crossing activity at the paradise crossing point yesterday as herds cross over to the west of the Mara River. These were mainly the herds that came from the south and crossed the Talek river north. They have been moving en masse across Paradise plain to the River and are now crossing over west. Many have been dying from predation by crocodiles and others from trampling in the stampede in the river. The past two days have been full of crossing and crocodile predation activities at both main crossing and cul de sac crossing points. the crossing startedd yesterday at around 12.30pm then stopped and again at both crossing points at around 4pm, and continued till just before dark. The previous day we had some animals crossing in the full moon night.


Wildebeests moving in a zigzag line across the plains
Zebras running across the grasslands towards the river to cross
Wildebeests decending into te river and crossing
Some makes it safely while others perish in the river

A stampede towards the river crossing point
Crocodile feeds on one of the unlucky wildebeests


Mara Fan said...

paul, wonderful pics. thanks for sharing in your blog

Mary Bowman-Kruhm said...

The photos are absolutely wonderful. I wish I were there. Hopefully next year!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. We are on our way to the MM next week and excited to have lucked out for a early show. Can't wait to see it in person.

Kristina Trowbridge said...

Hi Paul,
I love your updates. I wish I could be there now. It's amazing how early the migration arrived this year. With your permission (I hope), I've been posting them to our Pacific Northwest APTA Facebook page.
Kristina Trowbridge

Uwe Skrzypczak said...

Many thanks Paul, it's always a miracle of nature.

Val Gall said...

Jambo Paul!
Thank you so much for your brilliant updates. We leave for Kenya on 15th & arrive in the Mara on 23rd for 10 days. Cant wait! Early arrival of migration is wonderful for the Mara.
Best wishes & hope to see you soon

Val Gall (Scotland)

Weldon said...

Great Stuff!! Just phenomenal!! Appreciate it!