Monday, September 13, 2010

The current location of the migration

Over the past one week, the unseasonal rains we got in the Mara stirred alot of movement of the migrating herds of wildebeests and zebra. The herds were mainly heading to teh recently burnt areas with a hope of new grass after the rains. However though this is what normally happens, it takse a botu a week of sufficient rains for the grass to grow to a palatable level.

There were heavy crossing of the wildebeests in the last few days at paradise crossing point with the wildebeests crossing from teh eastern side of the Mara to the Marar triangle. Many wildebeests died at the cul de sac corner when they tried crossing teh river, when crocodiles pounced on teh them a swell as many drowing as the trampled on each other trying to go over a steep bank. I also counted so many bodies floatign downstream from a crossing point int eh forested area upstream from paradise crossing point. There were also Topi and Thomsons gazelles that tried crossing, only to end up drawning or being killed by the crocs. There were also alot of crossing activities on the Talek river, with many animals crossing north from the central plains where there is still a big number.
It is a season of plenty for the Mara predators; the marsh pride which i hazve been watching fro teh past 2 weeks, killed 16 wildebeests in 4 days. On one evening, tehy killed 4 wildebeests a few metres from each other. i did not have to move from my location but just watch ast the lions wastes the poor wildebeests. i anticipate the wildebeests will stay in the Mara a bit more due to teh rains. the crossings are expected to continue into the coming week and beyong.

Map of the Mara showing the current location of the wildebeests and crossing points

The pictures below were taken at these crossing points by Aatish and Aashit Patel who have been my guests and photography students for the past two years. They are now taking better better pictures than me!


Mama Matunda said...

Paul thank us by taking in the Mara, how gladly I would be at the Mara river and the animals.
Best regards from Germany

Aatish Patel said...

i learn from the best!

simbabu said...

Dear Paul,
I would like to ask if it is worth to visit mara in the first week of november, this year, or the migration will be in the serengeti that time? I know predictions are just predictions, but I would be very happy if you can help me with your advice.
Asante sana mzee,
Balazs from Hungary

mary Bowman-Kruhm said...

Super photos. Unbelievable. They should enter some in Wend magazine's weekly photo contest.

Paul Kirui said...

Hi Simbabu,
Sorry for not replying earlier, had been tied up. the animals are now showing signs of going back, but as you said, some might stay back for a while or even the main herds could come back inot the Mara later.

simbabu said...

Thanks a lot Paul! I think I will decide if we go to the Mara in two weeks. I hope I will have more info - or otherwise we will head to Amboseli. Thank you again!!!