Friday, September 3, 2010

Latest report on the migration

The wildebeest migration is still on in the Masai Mara game reserve. Over the past week, teh herds of migrating animals are concentrated in two areas; one such high concentration is around Musiara marsh and over the northern sidz of Rhino ridge. I can say this is the highest concentration in the area i have seen recently.
The other high concentration is down side along the sand river. Big herds of animals can now bee seen on both sides of the river. Most of the animals here could bee seen a few days ago heading towards the recently burnt areas north of Kuka hills in the Serengeti into the Mara and between Keekorok lodge and Roan hill. The central plains and the Mara triangle also host a concentration though not as high as in the places described above. Many wildebeests have been crossing in the last week in big numbers from the Mara triangle onto paradise plains and onward to the marsh and Bila Shaka areas.
The marsh pride of lions have been killing wildebeests on a daily basis. Two days ago they killed 5 wildebeests! But only ate 2 living the rest to the hyaenas. I was lucky yesterday evening with the BBC filming crew (whom i am driving) when we witnessed a killed within 10 minutes off our arrival at a lion sighting; the stalking, chase, kill... everything on film!
I have been seeing many cheetahs in the Mara recently. There are 3 males roaming the eastern side of the Mara which are seen daily. Their coalition is very strong that i have seen them kill even adult wildebeests. We also have one female with some young cubs near Olkeju-Rongai river.
I have been lucky with leopard sightings too. I have been seeing Olive and her two cubs along the Talek river. There is no better place in the Mara to watch leopards.

Map of the Mara showing the location of the herds

A cheetah with cubs near lookout hill

Leopard drinking at the Talek river

Olive;s cubs now 14 months old playing

One of the dominant male lions from Keekorok pride

The concentration of wildebeests around Musiara marsh

                   A  cheetah held me hostage by sleeping under my vehicle for hours near lookout hill


Olivier said...

Woaw ! What an exciting report ! I wish I was there with you !

Bert said...

Excellent! Clients of ours saw the coalition of cheetahs take down a juvenile giraffe about 10 days ago or so.

Mama Matunda said...

Wow this beautiful ... thanks for the report.
Best regards from Germany :-)