Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mara Big Cat update

Below is brief update on the big cats in central Mara;

 The  Mara now is teeming with very tall grass, whihc is making the cats unable to hunt effectiviel since most of the animals are only confined into small areas. However, the Loita herds of wildebeests are still around Musiara area and topi plains. These have been providng the Marsh pride with food supply. The marsh pride is still intact with their old males, Romeo and Clawed with the pride.
The ridge pride is into 4 different groups of different numbers occupying small sections of their initial territory.A group of 4 lionesses and 8 cubs of age 7 months are occupying between Mara intrepid camp and Rekero camp going further to junction of Mara River and Talek, Notch and the son’s are in charge of these group, from maternity to the top of the ridge to the topi plain 9 lions, 4 lionesses 5 cubs of age 2 years, in between Olare Orok and intiakitiak 5 lions 3 lionesses and 2 cubs of different ages 19 months and 18 months the two are males, giving a total of 32 including notch and the sons.
The olkiombo pride of 3 groups one that for last 3 years, moved to Olare-Orok conservancy, comprising 12 individuals are back to the game reserve occupying the salt lick area along Ntiakitiak river with 8 cubs of 3 years old and 4 lionesses and notch and these 4 sons might take over these pride, they has been seen next to them at distant of 200ms. 4 lionesses and 3 cubs between fig tree camp and Mara intrepid camp with 4 sub-adult cubs a split of olkiombo pride. When cheza, sala and junior took over maji-ya-fisi pride, a group of 3 lionesses and 9 cubs age 2 years followed them to maji-ya fisi, now they have with them 6 cubs of age 9 month and 3 males, a total of 22 members. This makes a total of 42 lions from the original Olkiombo pride put together.

Olive the leopard  is roaming with Nkayoni and small cub of 1 year, Pacha is roaming a long smelly crossing of olare orok up to the rhino ridge and maternity marking the bushes and the river bank.

Shingo the femlae cheetah with 6 cubs is lately at the closed aerae between, Talek and Sekenani gates. teh cubs now at 1 year are getting involved in hunting, assist the mother. The cubs are 4 males and 2 females. we are keen observing them to see how they will behave whne time comes to leave their mother.

                  All 6 of Shingo's cubs walking behind the mother as she stalks some impala recently

Nkaiyoni stalking gazelles in the open; he has really copied his mother's habits

One of Shingos cubs chases zebras

 2 of Shinog's cubs double stretch

One of the cubs climbs a tree for a vantage point


Teresa said...

Thanks Paulfor the updates, I am going to the Mara in 9 days. Hope to get see Olive, love leopards my fav big cat. can u tell me Paul what the weather is like,

Susan said...

Thanks for the update Paul. I follow you on FB but it is always nice to read a separate blog.

Also awesome photos.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great pictures

sauwah tsang said...

thank you very much for the update of Notch, his sons and other big cat stars! i wish i were there! wish you posted pictures of the lions in your blog.