Thursday, June 16, 2011

Migration 2011 update

The migration of wildebeests in the Mara has started in earnest. The Loita population of wildebeests, moved into the Mara, and crossed the river at paradise crossing point one week ago. They crossed from Paradise plains onto Mara triangle. However, they started coming back after a few days.
Generally, the Loita herds have been in teh Mara longer thant any recent years. They left the Mara last November, only to return in February due the the drought. They even went all the way to the river at paradise crossing point an dsome crossed over to the Mara triangle, which is quite unusual. We saw them have calves in the Mara, whereas they would normally have them in the Loita plains.
As of now, there is a concentration of wildebeests around Topi plains, parts of Olare-Orok and Mara North conservancy, and a few are on paradise plains. The southern migration is reported to be around Ikorongo, and grumeti game reserve, with the first herds heading North towards the Mara. Though there is plenty of grass in their way, they are expected to cross the border in another 2-3 weeks, although this can always change.
I will keep you updated

Map of the Serenegti-Mara ecosystem showing the current location of the migrating herds

Some of the wildebeests rests on the plains in Olare-Orok conservancy

Some of the wildebeests with their new calves in the Mara in March this year: Note the effect of he drought on the grass


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