Thursday, September 1, 2011

Change in migration pattern

The migration continued in an unpredictable pattern over the past week. The concentration thinned out towards the end of last week with only a notable concentration witnessed on the central plain south of the Talek gate and on the triangle around the salt lick. Earlier in the week many animals crossed back east by lookout hill which is an indication they are headed for north Serengeti. But some headed to the central plains and these are the herds we are seeing now. Most of the wildebeest which were found by the salt lick started heading south.

The change in the rain pattern has really caused all the changes in the migration trend. The weather over the past month has been like what is normally expected in July, Low temperatures and overcast days. Although it may appear empty now, there is still plenty to see. The big cats are out and about, while the general plains game can also bee see.

The rain stopped three days ago and it appears we are set for the usual September weather of heat and dust.
Current situation
Big herds of wildebeests heading south

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