Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Migration late August update

The change in weather pattern has caused confusion in the migration trend in the Mara. The wildebeests stopped crossing the Mara river west onto the Mara triangle and instead moved away from the river completely. Most animals moved back to the marsh in the north and out into the conservancies, Olare-Orok and Mara north. The rest of the herds crossed the Talek river by the end of last week south towards Keekorok, but these ones are now headed back towards the Talek again.

While this is happening in the east, the animals that crossed over the Mara triangle are now crossing back to the east. For the past few days these crossing have been happening at Lookout hill, Paradise crossing point, pump house and near the marsh. We expect this continue over the next week. But we will keep you updated.

 Many of the wildebeests fell prey to the Mara's abundant predators

It has been a season of plenty for the the big cats

 (Paning shot) mother and calf rushes across Olare-Orok river
The herds moves across the grassland towards the river


Christine Lamberth said...

Your updates remain a source of inspiration. Wish I was there!

Safari Maiden said...

Thanks for a great migration update Paul.

Wonderful photos as always. Do we know you the leopard is?


Paul Kirui said...

Safari Maiden, the leopard is Olive's young daughter Bahati

Mama Matunda said...

Wonderful Paul ... yes this is the migration, this is the Masai-Mara ... Thanks for update.

Pamela said...

Fantastic page! Nature is fantastic and full of surprises. It never ceases to amaze you.