Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Marsh Pride takeover latest update

The takeover in progress at the marsh by the 4 new males continues to affect the pride composition and habits of the members. By yesterday, the majority of the members, Sienna, Charm and the 9 subadults had moved to the rocky area on Rhino Ridge overlooking Bila Shaka. Joy and her 4 cubs and the one for Sienna were at the top of Silanga lugga, while Joy was a short distance from them dowstream.
The 4 males were still with Bibi. However, the mating has taken a new trend. Now the males are takign turns to mate with her, unlike in the begining when only one of them kept her, chasing away the others. The one with her yesterday was one male with a noteable scar over his right eye. I and my guests named him ‘scar face’
By this morning, the gap between all the above is getting smaller. Joy just moved  ashort distance from where she was yesterday and the rest of teh pride took her place. White eye has now joined Bibi and the four males. It seems the boys are slowly wining the pride to their side. I believe with Romeo and clawed now absent, the females may slowly accpet teh new fellows. It will be interesting though, to see what the new males will do with the subadult  males still with Sienna and Charm. The four males with Bibi and white eye were this morning at the junction of Silanga and Bila shaka lugga. They are now all within less than a square kilometre. Clawed has not been seen  fro 3 days now, whihc is a worry in that wiht the rest of the pride away an dhis bad health, he may not be able to eat, and that is not good.
The main pride members rests on Rhino Ridge overlooking Bila Shaka yesterady morning

2 of the young males in the pride whose future in the pride is uncertain with the takeover

Joy and her 4 cubs with one for Sienna sleeping under an Olive tree int eh open

3 of the four new males with Bibi and another male in the back at Bila Shaka near where they killed a buffalo 3 days ago

Bibi and scar face moves away from teh other males as they are the active mating pair at the moment


Simon said...

Great update brother, keep the news coming...we are following these keenly, i like the name 'Scar face' the first time i saw him, we nickname him "Kiraka" kiswahili for a "patch"... tht would be great togive them names!

Christa Niederer said...

Great photos and a very interesting update, thanks!

bernie bee said...

Thanks for keeping us in touch with what's happening in The Mara fingers crossed all goes smooth and none get hurt.!!! Wonderful photos
Regards Bernie

bernie bee said...

Hi Paul we have not heard from you for a few days. I'm wondering how things are in The Mara. Have you seen anything of Clawed and have you managed to find out if one of Honey's boys (The Three Brothers) were killed by a lion a few days ago, as it's not been confirmed. Have you seen Joy and family ... are they back in The Fold of The Marsh Pride yet.
Thank you
Regards Bernie bee