Friday, October 14, 2011

The Marsh Pride update- Things ease off

It appears now that the takeover at the marsh may not happen as soon as we thought. Things seems to have slowed down over the past week and now almost back to normal except for the absence of Romeo an dclawed close to teh females.
The four new males that came into the marsh and mated with Bibi, for almost 2 weeks, have now left the area in teh last 2 days. We could not find them since Wednesday and we think they may have gone back to Olare-Orok conservancy.
This has brought about a sigh of relieve to many from teh worry of Joy lossing her cubs to the new males had they found her. Now though the cubs are safe, at least for now, the two males, Romeo and Clawed bored the brunt of the of the aggression of the new males and are now both nursing their injuries with Clawed being worse off. He seems at least better than a week ago but still seemingly in pain, sleeping in the same place he has been for the past week( though he has a shallow breath) Romeo is still around manager’s crossing(near where Bila shaka) joins the Mara river
Currently Joy with her 4 cubs an d1 of Sienna’s, have been on the lugga between Silanga and Topi plains. She has now been rejoined by her two subadult males who had gone away briefly recently. Tehy aqre now on her side, perhaps having sense larking danger. I have seen the two boys come to her aid to chase away any naughty The rest of the females and subadults had retreated into the long reeds bytb e windmill but today a couple of females, White eye and Sienna moved back to Bila Shaka, i guess to scout around if safe now to call the others.
Now we never know if the four males will come back into the marsh again soon.

Good thing to be a kid! here Joy's cubs plays, totally oblivious of all the dangers that was close to them from the new males. Good news they are safe, for now......

Charm and the subadults walks away after feeding off a wildebeest one morning recently after a fight with Hyaenas

These are the Hyaenas that ganged up and managed to snatch some food from the above members of the marsh pride

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bernie bee said...

Ohhhhh thank you Paul for the latest information on The Mara and thank goodness things seem to have calmed down ...for the time being anyway. Lovely to see some of the cubs playing, the hyenas always worry me as they seem to shadow hunters and then move in !!!! And take whatever is there. I know they do a good job in clearing everything up. It just seems at the moment .. rather a lot of them about. Thank you for the lovely photos I will sleep better tonight. I can hardly wait to till the spring when I can visit again.
Bernie bee.