Saturday, October 15, 2011

The marsh Pride update- The boys are back

False alarm! Just after posting on this blog yesterday that teh 4 males had left the marsh, they appeared again this morning. We found them at Bila shaka lugga (Geoffrey's crossing) this morning feeding on a wildebeest carcass whihc they finished off and proceeded to bushes along the lugga for shade and are now doing what lions do best, leg in the air, and sleep! the four have caught up with Bibi and are taking turns mating with her again!

Joy and the five cubs plus the subadult males are still between silanga and Topi plains. I could not find clawed and Romeo this morning but am still looking around; teh rest of teh pride are in the marsh area.
i will keep you updated.

A picture last week of the 4 new males at the marsh with Bibi


bernie bee said...

Thanks Paul for the updates... half of me!!! is pleased that they are back and the other half says noooo!!!
We do need some fresh blood lines in the area that's always a good thing.
Please Joy stay low with your little ones for the time being and maybe just maybe they may except them all.
I'm thinking where is old Clawed poor old man!!! I think Romeo is quite capable of looking after himself.
I await your information thank you again for the wonderful updates and photo's.
Regards Bernie Bee

bernie bee said...

Hi Paul ... no updates and photos for a few days? I hope no news is good news!!!! Wondering what's going on out there on The Savannah. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for all your hard work.
Regards Bernie Bee