Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unseasoned rain changes the Mara

I am now back again to the "office" after being away to do guides training and exams.

The Mara is now green with tall grass dominating the landscape. It is still very wet in most places an done has to drive around with a lot of caution. The unseasoned rain has changed teh way the Mara is traditionally around December. The gras would be short or just starting to grow tall from teh usual short rains. But this year everything  changed. The ituation in teh Mara now is more like what youi would expect in May- June after the long rains.
Game veiwing is fair, but it is a challenge to see enough. Many animals, especially the resident herbivores, have converged into small herds in isolated pockets across the park. It is no suprise to drive for kilometres without seeing an animal, then suddenly you come across a herd.
The lion prides are now very mobile since htere is little to eat. The Olkiombo pride is now buy Maji ya fisi, south of Talke bridge. The Ridge pride is now around Rekero  and Naibor camp and the area just south of these places. Olkeju-Rongai pride shares the same hunting ground with them in these places. Notch and sons keeps moving back and forth between theses prides.
The marsh pride is still split up. Joy plus 5 cubs and 2 subadults are between Topi plains and Bila shaka. Teh 4 Musketeers are at the marsh and have now been joined by Bibi and white eye. The rest are still keeping away from them. Romeo an,d clawed ahve not been seen for a week. flooded streams/rivers have been preventing us from moving freely.
 The skies in the afternoon have been characterized by heavy downpours

 There are many more elephants in the park than in the past few months

 Notch and sons has lately been moving between Olkeju Rongai, part of Olkiombo and Ridge pride

This is one of the leopards we have been seeing near the Mara river

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bernie bee said...

The storms must be very exciting to watch. The grass is so long and green.... have many zebra stayed because of lots to eat ?I hope the elephants stay until we arrive! Thank you for the new photos. Good to here that White Eye seems to be settling in with the The Four Musketeers. I wish you seasons greeting and best wishes for the new year. Bernie