Friday, November 25, 2011

News on Romeo and Clawed

Today i have good news for the Mara big cat lovers and followers of this blog.
Romeo is alive! today around 10am i was called by a friend and guide from governors that he found Romeo on Rhino Ridge. after scrutnising he and other guides confirm it is him. My friend sent me pictures to my phone an di also confirmed. Apparently i cannot transfer the picture form phone to post here. they are also in very small files.
Romeo still bears teh scars from teh fight with the musketeers, and still most of the wounds are fresh and he walks with difficulty. Interetsingly whne he was found this morning he had just killed a warthog.
Clawed is also back to the marsh. He has been just outside the riverine forest by Ilmoran camp. while the musketeers headed to paradise plains 2 days ago.
yesterday there 13 members of the pride at Bilashaka including white eye, Bibi and the youngsters. they ar eall back from Kichwa Tembo area. Could the pride be coming together again? with Clawed in the area and Romeo heading this way slowly it seems so, but time will tell.

when i was young my grand mother told me that cats have "2 hearts" because they don't die easily. Now i think she was right, if Clawed and Romeo are still going.............

Romeo and the rest of the pride during his reign as king of the Marsh


bernie bee said...

Hi Paul thank you for the up-dates. Isn't it amazing how things turn around, no dought the 4 Muskateers will be back. I hope that Clawed and Romeo stay out of trouble and avoid them!!!!
Thanks again and keep us posted
Regards Bernie Bee

Mama Matunda said...

Wonderful Paul, thanks for this update from the lions in the Mara. Dani

Shirley said...

Hi Paul,

Is there any news about Joy and the cubs and Romeo and Clawed. Can you please inform us about how they are doing now.
Thank you very much for the updating

Anonymous said...

where is clawed?.. how is he?