Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two Leopards, two kills in day

Today has been a leopards day for me and my guest. I started the day by visiting the leopard gorge once more to see zawadi. When i arrived at the spot where we left her last evening, i was at first worried when i saw a Hyaena sleeping under the small tree i saw the cub climbing yesterday. This instantly become my concern on the saftey of the cub. i picked up my Binocular to scan the ridge and i was relieved to see the tiny cub in teh tree, at least safe from the Hyaena. The next thing was to look fro her mom, whom i shoortly picked up through my binoculars behind the tree where the cub was. At this point i was relieved.
After about 40 minutes watching her, she got up and headed east of the gorge and i thought she was going to drink from a nearby pool. But she carried on going and we only stopped  following her when she started to hunt. She managed to kill a young Impala which she immediately took up the tree to avoid the Hyaenas that turned up immediately she killed the impala. She proceeded to take it up the tree fro safety where she went on to feed.
I left the sighting to go and look for another leopard (Pump house female) with two tiny cubs near the Mara river. I had seen her two weeks ago,a nd i got information yesterday that she has been seen again with the cubs. When i arrived at the location of her den, by some big rocks near the river, i driove along there but did not see her since it was still very hot. However, i stampled upon a caracal! What a gift! She satyed there and allaowed me to take about 10 pictures before she went into the bushes. I satyed around as i waited for the sun to go down or at least the heat to go down.
While i was waiting and constantly scanning the surrounding area to see if i can see the leopard coming. Finally i saw her walking through the grass in a hunting mode. The next thing i saw was her carrying a young thomson gazelle, which she took to the den by the rocks. Those were the activities of interest in my office today. I am off very early tomorrow to look for the pump house leopard and her cubs.
 Zawadi's cub, up at tree to avoid the Hyaena

Zawadi sunning herself in the morning sunshine on her current favourite rock at the gorge

Prey seen in a distance

scanning the valley below from a termite mount

The pump house female pauses during her long walk to the den

Carrying a precious catch

With a take away meal


Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures and updates Paul! I am jealous of your 'office"
Keep up the great work

WildAboutAnimlas said...

Great photos of Zawadi & the Cub Paul thanks.
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