Monday, January 23, 2012

Filling the gaps in my "office"

Today as usual i set out into my”office” to look for the leopard i saw last evening heading to her den with kill but i did not find it even after spending 2.30hrs going around the same place many times. Now i had to look for alternatives. Not far from where we had been driving around was a herd of Elephants. I noted the light was great so i convinced my guest to take pictures of them even though he has had enough elephants shots. What followed was clicks after clicks when the elephants went just past us casually and there were two males teasing each other to a fight. With these shots, the day was now started. After this we went down to the river to look for a place to have a picnic. Before i got there i found a martial eagle that had killed and was eating a young thomson’s gazelles. There were more clicks before the eagle took off and landed on the opposite bank of rht eriver, but within our view. As i parked the car  next to the river ready to unpack our picnic box, my guest was clicking away from the roof hatch of the car. I inquired what was of interest and he showed me some two Hippos which were roughing one another. They continued to perform for us the entire time we had our picnic. So we were between sipping coffee and clicking. After the Hippos slowed down the show we went off to look for the leopard again, but it was geeting hot and our chance of seeing her was not great. I drove along the stream commonly known as Kifugo ya nyoka, whihc heads not from the Mara river in teh opposite direction to Serena lodge. It was then that i came across a green backed night heron on a nest. I have never seen one with small chicks. We spent one hour with the birds, watching them change guard(between male and female). This crowned our morning and we went back to camp. Surely this was not a leopard morning, but alas other things came along,and as usual i say welcome to my ‘’office”  and bush school where you learn forever!....
A herd of Elephants we spent time photographing

Martial eagle with kill

Two Hippos charging at one another

But sometimes they were friends again

One of the heron parents on nest with chicks

Heron with Chicks


bernie bee said...

Hi thanks again Paul for the photos I love the family of Elephants. Those chicks are lovely what a treat to see them. B

dotcombs said...

Your Hippos kissing photo is just wonderful and could sell if it was on one of those stock photo web sites.

I've enjoyed seeing all your photos and reading your blog


Terry Patterson said...

Great writing and the pictures were an added bonus. Thanks for posting. Love reading the exciting stories.