Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catching up with my cats in 'My Office'

After long safaris outside my “office”, i am now back and has been great catching up with my cats.
On  the first few days of my safari this season, i have been able to catch up with my favourite cat, Olive, the leopard at Olare-Orok river. On a morning two days ago, i found her strolling along a track on the southern part of the river. She later tried to hunt some Impala but the wind betrayed her. The Impalas soon found her out in the long grass. Later that day, she killed a waterbuck across the river from Mara Explorer camp
In the afternoon, i and my guests went up Olare-Orok river to the salt lick area where i found another of my cats, Malaika, the cheetah with her two cubs. She entertained us the whole afternoon playing with her cubs, and then, to my guests surprise/shock, she jumped onto the roof of our land rover. This habit which has been passed down the female cheetah generation from her grandmother “Amber” or “Queen”. The tall grass in the Mara currently, is even making her do this quite often to spot prey in a distance. The two male cheetah (Honey’s boys) are also int he same vicinity for the last 3 days.
Yesterday morning i went to the Marsh to look for the pride, including the Musketeers. I was lucky to see two of the Musketeers. Scar face was mating with one of the females. I also saw Sienna with one sub-adult female. They were trying to hunt by the time we left in the evening yesterday.
Although everyone is still concerned about the delayed migration of wildebeests and zebras into the Mara, i think there is enough to see as far as the cats are concerned. Welcome to my bush  office, where nothing sticks to a routine or predictable pattern. You just have to appreciate what comes your way each day!

 Olive strolls on a path along Olare-Orok river

 Malaika drinking at the salt lick area of Olare-Orok

 Olive's cub in a bush where they were feeding on a waterbuck

 Malaika scanning the plains from a termite mount. 
she killed an Impala fawn a few minutes after i took this picture

 Scar face at the Marsh yesterday

 Sienna stalking some Zebras


Shirley said...

Hi Paul,
I am glad you are back at the office. I have missed your update. Have you seen Zawadi and do you have information about White eye?
Thank you for the update.

Anonymous said...

Yes, any news about Zawadi? The old girl is 16 years old and we haven't heard any updates since she lost her cub in March and was last seen mating.

Denise Kocourek said...

Hi there, happy to get any updates on the Marsh lionesses and the Breakaway girls.