Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back to "My office"

First i would like to apologize to followers of this blog for delay in posting new sightings. I have had a few people write to me with concerns that i had taken to long to update them on the happening in the Mara. The reason for the delay is that i had left “my office” to go and work in a different kind of office. I went to run a course for guides in Rwanda, after which i had an opportunity to also go for serious birding and see the big apes! Before coming back, i also visited eastern Congo to see the active volcanoe of Nyiragongo.I am now back at “my office” and was welcome by heavy rains. In fact i sepnt a night in the vehicel stuck in mud on the day i travelled to the Mara. I have been careful for close to 20yrs not to spend a night stuck, but i now beleive there is a time for everything.

I came back to join the BBC filming crew on the “Planet Earth Live” shoot which is underway. We are following particular prides of lions. Despite the heavy rains and challenges of driving around, there are still some great sightings. Two days ago, while looking for our lions, i came across two male Impala fighting an di stood to watch. But while still looking at the fighting Impala, Olive the leopard, appeared from nowhere and bounced on one of them as the other got away. The next thing is saw was mud flying all over! ..... she had got herself and her cubs a meal.
I stayed with her for  a while till she took the kill under a bush, then i remembered i had to look for the lions! After sometimes, i decided to pass by the kill again, and that is when i found that she had brought her cubs to feed. I was excited to see both cubs, since some guides had reported seeing only one cub for long time. Welcome to the Mara where nothing follows a sript!.. things go by the “Mara plan” as i and some of my guests call it. Accept whatever comes you way and always go out with open mind. 

The "kiss of death". she is know to kill male Impala this way to avoid the horns

attempts to drag kill to cover

Drags killed to hide in bush before going to bring cubs

It was a long drag

One of Olive's cubs join her to feed

Olive stalks in mid day hunt, which saw her kill beside my vehicle last month. This was also reported by my guest Sarah skinner on her blog:
She also killed a male impala that time; and here sh erests before taking kill under bush


Brice said...

Dear Paul, I love your updates do much! Thanks for sharing all your wildlife experiences and adventures and sightings!
I really enjoy to come next September and folkie you in the Mara!
Best regards
Take care

Mefi said...

thanks for your update Paul.

Anonymous said...

Dear paul i live in india ..i love to visit masai mara and serengeti ..i cant tell by word how much i love africa..what is the way to visit these places how much it would cost..and where can i see the latest news and vidoes of masai and serengeti ..pls advice

Shirley said...

Dear Paul, I am really glad that you are still given us updates about the Marsh. Can you give us an update about the Marsh lions. I am curious how they are doing now. Thank you.

bernie bee said...

Hi fantastic photos how exciting to see her, we waited hours for something to happen like that. Just in the right place at the right time... So to speak!! Have you any news on sightings of White Eye do you think I need to worry!! Thank you for the time of posting photos. Bx

Anonymous said...

please continue your updates about the big cats, we all missed them so much and would like to know their current status from time to time.